Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 11/01/1990, Docket: RP90-192-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 155 Original Sheet No. 155 : Effective



Rate Schedule IT-SL, IT-1, IT-2, IT-3 and IT-4



tions contemplated herein. Provided, however, Transporter

may waive filing fees for Customer on a nondiscriminatory



8.4 Customer agrees to reimburse or cause Transporter to be

reimbursed for any charges associated with the transporta-

tion of liquids/liquefiables as specified in Section 22 of

the General Terms and Conditions of Volume No. 2-A of

Transporter's FERC Gas Tariff.






9.1 Transporter's Transportation Service hereunder shall be

subject to receipt of all requisite regulatory authoriza-

tions from the Commission, or any successory regulatory

authority, and any other necessary governmental authoriza-

tions, in a manner and form acceptable to Transporter. The

parties agree to furnish each other with any and all infor-

mation necessary to comply with any laws, orders, rules, or



9.2 Except as may be otherwise provided, any notice, request,

demand, statement or bill provided for in this Agreement or

any notice which a party may desire to give the other shall

be in writing and mailed by regular mail, effective as of

the postmark date, to the post office address of the party

intended to receive the same, as the case may be, as






Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

3800 Frederica Street

P. O. Box 1160

Owensboro, Kentucky 42302


Attention: Gas Revenue Accounting (Billings and Statements)

Transportation & Exchange (Other Matters)

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