Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RP93-106-001, Status: Suspended

Sub Original Sheet No. 129R Sub Original Sheet No. 129R : Suspended







30.4 Beginning with the second semi-annual adjustment

filing described in Section 30.2, Texas Gas shall

establish a Deferred Energy Tax Surcharge to collect

or refund, the over-or under-recovered balances in

the Deferred Energy Tax subaccounts. Such surcharge

shall be calculated by dividing the balance in the

applicable subaccount ending three months prior to

the effective date of the filing, by the projected

commodity sales and transport volumes for the six-

month period beginning with the effective date (same

projected volumes as used in Section 30.2). Amounts

collected or refunded under this surcharge shall be

credited or debited to the appropriate subaccount.

At the end of the six-month amortization period, any

remaining balance in Account 186.xx shall be trans-

ferred to the current Deferred Energy Tax subaccount.


31. Interruptible Transportation (IT) Revenue Sharing Mechanism


Subsequent to Pipeline's recovery of all costs allocated to

service under the IT Rate Schedule, all net revenues received

by Pipeline under the IT Rate Schedule shall be shared as

described below. For purposes of this section, "net

revenues" shall mean all revenues received by Pipeline for

interruptible transportation service less (i) any costs

allocated to these services, (ii) variable costs, and (iii)

any applicable surcharges. Every 12 months, Pipeline shall

determine the amount of such net revenue. Ninety percent

(90%) of such net revenue shall be refunded to firm Part 284

transportation Customers based on each Customer's pro rata

share of total demand charges paid for the applicable 12-

month period by all firm Part 284 transportation customers.

Ten percent (10%) of such net revenue shall be retained by

Pipeline without refund obligation.