Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RP93-106-001, Status: Suspended

Sub Original Sheet No. 129L Sub Original Sheet No. 129L : Suspended






the "best bidder" and allow it, if

necessary, to provide the terms and

conditions of the "best bid" to a

Prearranged Replacement Customer.

Pipeline will also contact by telephone

the "best bidder" to notify it of the

identity of the Releasing Customer.


(iii) If there is a Prearranged Replacement

Customer, it must match the best bid

within the time limits provided by the

Releasing Customer or as stated in

Section 29.4(b) herein, from the time the

Releasing Customer notifies it of the

terms and conditions of the "best bid."

Prearranged Replacement Customers may

match "best bids" by submitting a

transportation request form to Pipeline,

as provided below in Section 29.5(b)(ii)

and must indicate that it is matching a

"best bid" and identify the capacity

release I.D. number. Pipeline will post

on the EBB information indicating whether

or not Prearranged Replacement Customer

matches a "best bid."


(iv) Within at least two business days of the

commencement of transportation pursuant

to a release of capacity, Pipeline will

post on its EBB either the identity of

the "best bidder" and the terms and

conditions of the best bid, or if

applicable, the identity of the

Prearranged Replacement Customer which

matched a "best bid" and the terms and

conditions of the bid that was matched.