Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 01/01/1993, Docket: RP90-104-020, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 124 Original Sheet No. 124 : Effective






28. Availability of Third-Party Pipeline Capacity


Customers transporting under the FT and IT Rate Schedules

shall be able to utilize the firm transportation rights held

by Transporter in certain Upstream Pipelines listed below

when such capacity is not required by Transporter for its

system supply. Use of receipt points designated on these

Upstream Pipelines by Customers using Transporter's FT Rate

Schedule will be limited to the receipt point reduction

option or alternate receipt points and will not be available

for firm point-to-point service. Access to capacity at such

receipt points shall be allocated in accordance with Section

10.2 of these General Terms and Conditions. Customers shall

continue to pay the applicable rates under Transporter's FT

or IT Rate Schedules for this service.


Transporter will be responsible for the operational and pay-

ment provisions of the underlying contract between Trans-

porter and the Upstream Pipeline. Any Customer utilizing

Transporter's firm transportation capacity rights is required

to comply with operational requirements and other terms and

conditions specified in the tariff of the transporting pipe-

line. Transporter will be responsible for arranging and

scheduling the transportation and for paying any charges

applicable to the service.


Upstream Pipeline Rate Schedule


ANR Pipeline Company X-11

ANR Pipeline Company X-33

ANR Pipeline Company X-63

ANR Pipeline Company X-153

ANR Pipeline Company X-156

High Island Offshore System T-3

High Island Offshore System T-17

Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation FT


28.1 Rate: Transporter shall charge no additional rate

for use of Upstream Pipeline capacity other than the

applicable FT or IT transportation rate, along with

any approved surcharges.


28.2 Open Season:


(a) Transporter shall conduct an open season for a

period of five (5) days during which parties may