Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 01/20/1993, Docket: MT88- 6-006, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 118 First Revised Sheet No. 118 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 118




shipper, concerning the marketing affiliate's own

agreement(s), nomination(s) or allocation(s), or

any other general question to which the answer is

simply a recitation of information already stated

in a Texas Gas tariff, application, report or other

pleading. However, should a question from a Texas

Gas marketing affiliate about transportation ser-

vice cause Texas Gas to make a new interpretation,

set a new policy, or disseminate some new informa-

tion (including information concerning released

gas), Texas Gas will not answer that question

directly, but post such informaton on its elec-

tronic bulletin board, and also mail a letter to

all shippers and potential shippers, so that all

parties can have access to that information, simul-



25. List of Shared Operating Personnel and Facilities [Section



25.1 Texas Gas shares no operating personnel with its

marketing affiliates. Texas Gas and Transconti-

nental Gas Pipe Line Corporation (TGPL) do share

senior officers.


25.2 Texas Gas's affiliated marketing companies are TXG

Gas Marketing Company (TXG), Transco Gas Marketing

Company (TGMC), Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line

Corporation - Gas Merchant Division, Transco Energy

Marketing Company (TEMCO), Transco Liquids Company

(TLC), and Transco Energy Ventures Company (TEVCO).


25.3 The operating personnel of Texas Gas and the

operating personnel of its marketing affiliates are

functioning separately, and will continue to do so.

Such personnel are in separate buildings, or in the

Houston office, on separate floors. No operating

employee of a Texas Gas marketing affiliate has any

job responsibilities relating to the pipeline

company. Texas Gas charges its marketing affil-

iates an administrative fee which covers personnel

services, health insurance claims processing, and

payroll services. If a marketing affiliate uses

other services, specific fees are charged by Texas

Gas. Texas Gas does not share computer systems

with its marketing affiliates.