Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 11/20/1991, Docket: RP92- 26-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 97 First Revised Sheet No. 97 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 97






transportation contract demand requires execution of

a new service agreement, after evaluation and ap-

proval of Transporter.


13. Non-Waiver and Future Default


No waiver by either Transporter or Customer of any one or

more defaults by the other in the performance of any provi-

sions of this tariff or the executed service agreement

shall operate or be construed as a waiver of any future

default or defaults, whether of a like or of a different



14. FERC Gas Tariff and Executed Service Agreement Subject to



This tariff and the executed service agreement, and the

respective obligations of the parties thereunder are sub-

ject to valid laws, orders, rules and regulations of duly

constituted authorities having jurisdiction.


15. Operating Conditions


15.1 Upon request of Transporter, Customer shall from

time to time submit estimates of the daily, month-

ly, and annual quantities of gas to be transported,

including peak day requirements, together with the

estimated amounts thereof applicable to each point

of receipt and each point of delivery and such

other operating data as Transporter may require in

order to plan its operations, to meet its Custom-

er's requirements, and to render adequate service

to its customers.