Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 2-A

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Effective Date: 11/01/1990, Docket: RP90-192-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 93 Original Sheet No. 93 : Effective





particular period of daily or seasonal cur-

tailment or interruption, i.e., services pur-

suant to Section 10.3(iii) are required to be

fully curtailed first, then Section 10.3(ii)

services, then Section 10.3(i) services.


(c) Localized Curtailment or Interruption: Where

Transporter's ability to render service is

impaired in a particular segment of Trans-

porter's system, then curtailment or inter-

ruption shall be effected in accordance with

the above-listed priorities of service only in

that segment of Transporter's system in which

service has been impaired.


10.5 Charge for Excess Tenders or Takes


(a) If Customer on any day causes gas to be deliv-

ered by Transporter in excess of the Transpor-

tation Contract Demand, Customer shall pay

Transporter the overrun rate set forth on

currently effective Sheet No. 10 of Trans-

porter's FERC Gas Tariff, Original Volume 2-A,

for excess deliveries up to 10% of the Trans-

portation Contract Demand.


(b) A penalty, as stated in paragraph (c) below,

shall be levied by Transporter and paid in

dollars or gas, as applicable, by any Customer

who, upon notification by Transporter of the

existence of an overage in deliveries and/or

takes, fails to correct such daily overage on

a prospective basis within two days or such

lesser period as Transporter may designate as

necessary to protect the integrity of its

system, including maintenance of service to

other customers. Such penalty shall apply on

an individual contract basis. Nothing herein

shall limit Transporter's right itself to take