Sea Robin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1997, Docket: RP97-411-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 130T Original Sheet No. 130T : Superseded


Rate Schedule FTS-2

Firm Transportation Service (Continued)


(e) Service under this Rate Schedule FTS-2 may be

interrupted or limited for reasons of force majeure or

due to any other repair and maintenance deemed necessary


where practical of such interruption or limitation. In

the event on any day TRANSPORTER is unable to receive for

transportation or deliver the total MDQ of SHIPPER

receiving service under Rate Schedule FTS-2, then the

system capacity which is available for firm

transportation shall be in accordance with the priorities

set out in Section 2 hereof.


(f) To the extent SHIPPER is required to build facilities

to interconnect with TRANSPORTER'S system, such facilities

shall be in conformance with applicable U.S. Department of Interior

Minerals Management Service regulations and shall be

subject to inspection and prior approval by TRANSPORTER.




This service shall be subject to all conditions established by

TRANSPORTER in this Rate Schedule FTS-2 and in its General

Terms and Conditions, as such provisions may be revised from

time to time. All of the General Terms and Conditions

contained in the Tariff, including any future modifications,

additions or deletions, shall be incorporated by reference and

made a part hereof. TRANSPORTER shall make available to

SHIPPER the filings TRANSPORTER makes at the Commission

relating to Rate Schedule FTS-2, and its General Terms and

Conditions. To the extent that TRANSPORTER complies with the

provisions of its General Terms and Conditions and its Rate

Schedule FTS-2, it shall have no liability to any SHIPPER

receiving service under Rate Schedule FTS-2 arising from or

related to service thereunder except as provided in such

General Terms and Conditions and Rate Schedule FTS-2.

Consistent with the provisions of this FERC Gas Tariff,

TRANSPORTER shall have the right to determine the priority

and/or scheduling of the transportation service under the FTS-

2 Service Agreement. Consistent with the provisions of this

FERC Gas Tariff, TRANSPORTER shall also have the right to

revise its priority and/or scheduling of this transportation

service from time to time.