Sea Robin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1997, Docket: RP97-411-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 130K Original Sheet No. 130K : Superseded


Rate Schedule FTS-2

Firm Transportation Service (Continued)


technical data, which may be used by TRANSPORTER in

evaluating the reasonableness of SHIPPER'S proposed MDQs

for each Delivery Period.

SHIPPER shall reduce its MDQs as may be appropriate based

on the updated production profile throughout the life of

the lease. MDQs may be increased based on the updated

production profile only to the extent firm capacity on

the system is available and not previously committed to

another SHIPPER as determined by TRANSPORTER hereunder.

If firm capacity is not available, SHIPPER may request

that such MDQ increase supported by its production

profile update be placed in TRANSPORTER'S firm service

queue pursuant to Section 4(f) and 4(g) below and

TRANSPORTER will place it in the firm service queue as a

pending request as of the date of SHIPPER'S update.

TRANSPORTER shall have the right to require SHIPPER to

reduce its MDQs based on an updated production profile

and TRANSPORTER and SHIPPER shall amend Exhibits A and B

to the FTS-2 Agreement to conform the MDQs with the

updated production profile subject to the availability of

capacity. Any changes in MDQs under this Section shall be

effective June 1 of each year. When

considering a system expansion or

evaluating a SHIPPER'S request to increase its MDQ or a

SHIPPER'S request for a permanent release of quantities

of production from Committed Lease(s) under the Reserve

Commitment Agreement, TRANSPORTER may

request that SHIPPER update its production information to

support its MDQs, and SHIPPER shall provide such

information; provided, however, that TRANSPORTER shall not require

such updates more often than two times within any calendar year.


(c) If in TRANSPORTER'S judgment the submitted estimated

production profile (including updates) and MDQs provided

in (a) or (b) are not reasonable, then, subject to a

mutually acceptable confidentiality agreement, the

TRANSPORTER and SHIPPER shall meet and review the

associated technical data or engineering report that is

the basis for the estimated production profile submitted

by SHIPPER. TRANSPORTER and SHIPPER shall make a good

faith attempt to concur on an estimated production

profile which shall be utilized pursuant to this section,

including, but not limited to, to effectuate a reduction

in SHIPPER'S MDQs. If the parties cannot reach agreement

on an estimated production profile and MDQs, then the

technical data shall be supplied to a mutually acceptable

and technically competent third party on a confidential

basis to develop an estimated production profile which

shall be utilized pursuant to this Section. All such

third party costs shall be equally borne by SHIPPER and

TRANSPORTER. Upon completion of such third party report,

TRANSPORTER and SHIPPER shall amend Exhibits A and B to the

Service Agreement to reflect the MDQs supported by such production

profile to the extent capacity on the system is available.