Sea Robin Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/04/1997, Docket: RP97-411-001, Status: Effective

First Substitute Original Sheet No. 130E First Substitute Original Sheet No. 130E : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 130e

Rate Schedule FTS-2

Firm Transportation Service



(iii) have a comparable priority with service under Rate Schedule FTS; and


(iv) notwithstanding the foregoing, a firm

SHIPPER shall not be entitled to utilize an Exhibit

B-1 Delivery Point if such utilization would cause

the reduction of existing quantities flowing at such

point under ITS Agreements until all ITS SHIPPERS at

such point have been afforded twenty-four (24) hours

prior notice of such utilization.


(d) TRANSPORTER'S obligation to provide service under this Rate Schedule

shall be limited to SHIPPER's MDQ specified in the Service

Agreement. It is provided, however, that if gas in excess of

SHIPPER's MDQ in effect is allocated to SHIPPER's FTS-2 Agreement

on any day pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions, such gas

shall be deemed to be overrun gas and SHIPPER shall pay the maximum

volumetric charge on the currently effective Sheet No. 7a of the

Tariff for each Dth of overrun gas. Subject to the provisions of

the preceding paragraphs, the firm transportation service hereunder

shall have priority over all of TRANSPORTER's interruptible

transportation services. If necessary due to capacity constraints

on TRANSPORTER's system, service hereunder may be limited on

any one or more segments of TRANSPORTER's system on a pro rata

basis with respect to all priorities of service hereunder and

under Rate Schedule FTS.




(a) For transportation services under each SHIPPER'S FTS-

2 Agreement, SHIPPER shall pay to TRANSPORTER the

following transportation charges (A) or (B), whichever is

applicable, for services each month:


(A) If the sum of the quantity of gas to SHIPPER's FTS-2

Agreement at the Delivery Point(s) in the previous three months,

including the production month being billed, equals

or exceeds 80% of the MDQ specified in SHIPPER's FTS-2

Agreement for the same three month period multiplied by

the number of days in each month, based on the best available

information at the time of billing, SHIPPER shall pay to

TRANSPORTER the Volumetric Charge set forth on currently

effective Sheet No. 7a multiplied by the sum of the quantities

of gas (in Dth) actually delivered for SHIPPER's

account each day for the month; or