Petal Gas Storage Company

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-435-000, Status: Pending

First Revised Sheet No. 115D First Revised Sheet No. 115D : Pending

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 115D






7.8 Failure to Use Service. If within three (3) months after the execution

of an ITS Agreement Customer has not commenced service under the

provisions of such executed ITS Agreement, or if Customer has commenced

service but fails to use service during a consecutive twelve (12) month

period after commencement, Petal may, on a non-discriminatory basis,

terminate the ITS Agreement and Customer's request for interruptible

service shall be deemed a nullity for all present and future purposes.

Petal shall give Customer written notice thirty (30) days in advance of

termination of an executed ITS Agreement. Customer may retain the ITS

Agreement by notifying Petal in writing of its intent to retain such

Service Agreement; however, if Customer fails to use service during a

consecutive twelve (12) month period after notice of its intent to retain

such service, the ITS Agreement and Customer's request for interruptible

service shall be automatically terminated and abandoned.


7.9 Overbooking of Available Capacity. Petal may contract to transport gas,

on an interruptible basis, in excess of Available Capacity. If such

overbooking should ever limit Petal's ability to provide interruptible

service, then Petal shall provide such service on the basis described in

Section 7.7 of the General Terms and Conditions.


7.10 Additional Facilities. Petal shall not be required to construct

additional facilities, modify or expand facilities or acquire facilities

to provide interruptible transportation service.




8.1 Petal shall accept nominations 24 hours a Day during any day when Customer

desires Petal to (i) receive and inject gas into, or to withdraw and

deliver gas from storage, or (ii) transport gas for Customer. Customer

shall submit a nomination via fax or Petal's Internet website, that

includes but is not limited to the following information: daily volume,

flow period (Customer defined begin dates and end dates), upstream

transportation contract number(s) (for injections and transportation),

downstream transportation contract number(s) (for withdrawals and

transportation), customer name and contract number, the customer's

authorized employee name and telephone number, the type of service

desired, for injections or transportation, the State of the source of gas,

and for customers obtaining released capacity from a capacity holder other

than Petal, the name of that capacity holder. All nominations excluding

intra-day nominations shall have roll-over options. Specifically,

customers shall have the ability to nominate for several days, months, or

years, provided the nomination begin and end dates are within the term of

Customer's contract. All nominations should be considered original

nominations and should be replaced to be changed. When a nomination for a

date range is received, each day within that range is considered an

original nomination. When a subsequent nomination is received for one or

more days within that range, the previous nomination is superseded by the

subsequent nomination only to the extent of the days specified. The days

of the previous nomination outside the range of the subsequent nomination

are unaffected. Nominations have a prospective effect only. Overrun

quantities should be requested on a separate transaction.