Mississippi River Transmission Corp.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1998, Docket: RP99- 67-002, Status: Effective

Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 126 Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 126 : Superseded

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 126






(j) If a Customer nominates receipts from more than one

pool and a conflict arises as to which pool receives the

Customer's higher scheduling priority, then the Customer's

priority shall be prorated between or among the affected pools.


(k) MRT shall redetermine the priority of each Customer

and Pool Operator under Section 8.2 and reallocate capacity

hereunder on a periodic basis as is necessary for MRT to

recognize the priority of new Customers and Pool Operators or

to reflect any changes in the priorities of existing Customers

and Pool Operators, to assure service to its firm Customers,

and to accommodate the operational requirements of the system.


(l) MRT shall have the unqualified right to interrupt

Transportation Services, Storage Services, or both at any time

under MRT's interruptible rate schedules to provide service

under MRT's firm rate schedules pursuant to a properly submitted

nomination or under Rate Schedule NNT. MRT will give scheduling

priority to service under Rate Schedule NNTS and intraday

nominations submitted by firm Customers over nominated and

scheduled and/or flowing quantities for interruptible Customers.

MRT shall interrupt interruptible and authorized overrun

quantities in sequence pursuant to the priorities specified in

Section 8.2 herein, from lowest to highest priority. MRT shall

notify any Customer whose service is to be interrupted pursuant

to this provision in accordance with Section 8.1(f)(i) above.

However, if, in order to provide No Notice Transportation service

pursuant to the terms and conditions of Rate Schedule NNT, MRT

is required to interrupt a lower priority service, MRT shall

notify any Customer whose service is to be interrupted as soon as

is reasonably practicable.


(m) In making reductions in nominated quantities during the

scheduling process, MRT will use Customer or Pool Operator

provided rankings for service under its Service Agreement if not

in conflict with the priorities set forth in Section 8 of these

General Terms

and Conditions.


(n) For nominations pursuant to the cycle described in

Section 8.1(f)(i)(A) above, MRT will complete the scheduling

process and provide information on scheduled quantities by

4:30 p.m. CT on the day prior to gas flow.


8.3 Curtailment of Services


(a) MRT shall have the right to curtail or discontinue

Transportation Services, Storage Services, or both in whole or

in part on all or a portion of its system at any time for reasons

of force majeure or when in MRT's sole judgment reasonably

exercised, capacity or operating conditions so require. MRT

shall provide Customers such notice of the curtailment as is

reasonable under the circumstances.