Mississippi River Transmission Corp.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/17/1999, Docket: RP98-404-003, Status: Effective

Substitute Third Rev Sheet No. 99 Substitute Third Rev Sheet No. 99 : Superseded

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 99









5.9 Allocation of Capacity


(a) Pursuant to Section 284.284(b) of the Commission's

regulations, MRT's firm sales Customers as of the effective date of

this tariff will have their contract demands under their firm sales

agreements converted to firm transportation and firm storage capacity.

All available firm storage capacity will be allocated to those

converting firm sales Customers.


(b) FTS Customers as of the effective date of this tariff shall

retain their priority to the firm system capacity for which they have



(c) If at any time MRT has transportation and/or storage capacity

available which will support additional firm services, then MRT shall

post the availability of such capacity and make such capacity available

for firm service(s) upon receiving a valid request for such capacity.

The allocation of such capacity among firm services shall be determined

pursuant to this provision.



(1) Applicability: Available firm capacity shall include the

following types of capacity:


(i) Unsubscribed Capacity: capacity that is available but

is not currently subscribed or capacity that is

subscribed for service which service will not commence

until a later date.


(ii) Capacity under Expiring or Terminating Agreements: this

capacity under an existing service agreement for which

evergreen rights will not be exercised and/or the Right

of First Refusal process has been completed.