Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1999, Docket: RP99-135-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 632 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 632 : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 632




(F) Voluntary Contribution Mechanism


In addition to the foregoing, Pipeline will include in

invoices to Customers a voluntary contribution mechanism

allowing Customers to make voluntary contributions to GRI in

such amounts and for such GRI project(s) or project area(s)

as Customers specify. Customers may, but are not required

to, make such voluntary contributions. The voluntary

contribution mechanism is not a pipeline rate, rate

provision, or term or condition of service. It is included

in the invoice in accordance with the January 21, 1998,

Stipulation and Agreement Concerning GRI Funding approved by

the Commission in Gas Research Instute, 83 F.E.R.C. Par.

61,093 (1998), Order on Rehearing, 83 F.E.R.C. Par. 61,331

(1998). Any amounts remitted to Pipeline pursuant to the

voluntary contribution mechanism shall be forwarded to GRI

by Pipeline and are not refundable by Pipeline.


15.5 Annual Charge Adjustment Clause (ACA)


(A) Purpose:


Annual charges are assessed against gas pipelines by the

Commission under Part 382 of the Commission's Regulations

prior to each fiscal year in order to cover the cost of the

operation of the Commission. For the purpose of recovering

annual charges, assessed Pipeline by the Commission, this

Section 15.5 establishes pursuant to Section 154.402 of the

Commission's Regulations an ACA Surcharge to be applicable

to quantities transported under Pipeline's Rate Schedules

identified in Section 15.5(B). For the period during which

this Section 15.5 is effective, it is Pipeline's intent not

to seek recovery of any annual charges assessed Pipeline

pursuant to Part 382 of the Commission's Regulations and

Order Nos. 472 and 472-B except as permitted by this

Section 15.5. This ACA Surcharge is in addition to any

amounts otherwise payable to Pipeline under said Rate Sched-



(B) Rate Schedules Subject to ACA Surcharge:


The ACA Surcharge shall be applicable to the quantities

delivered for Customer's account under Pipeline's Rate

Schedules, which Rate Schedules shall include the following:


(1) FERC Gas Tariff, Sixth Revised Volume No. 1


Applicable transportation rate schedules including, but

not limited to Rate Schedules CDS, FT-1, SCT, PTI,


and CTS.