Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 11-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 622 Original Sheet No. 622 : Effective







Customer Factor


Fulton, Mississippi, Town of 0.000276

Gas Utility District No. 2

of Pt. Coupee Parish, La. 0.000176

Gloster, Mississippi, Town of 0.000166

Grayville, Illinois, City of 0.000295

Harrisburg, Arkansas, City of 0.000430

Hope Gas, Inc. 0.001642

Horton Highway Utility District

of Rutherford, Williamson and

Marshall Counties, Tennessee 0.000219

Huntingburg, Indiana, City of 0.000809

Indiana Gas Company, Inc. 0.001039

Indiana Natural Gas Corporation 0.000453

Indiana Natural Gas Corporation

for Dubois & Haysville 0.000084

Jasper, Indiana, City of 0.001142

Jonesboro, Illinois, City of 0.000181

Kennett, Missouri, City of 0.001450

Lafayette, Tennessee, City of 0.000282

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, City of 0.001915

Lawrenceburg Gas Company 0.000610

Lebanon, Tennessee, City of 0.001717

Liberty, Kentucky, City of 0.000269

Long Island Lighting Company 0.016430

Loretto, Tennessee, City of 0.000083

Mantachie Natural Gas District 0.000251

Meadville, Mississippi, Town of 0.000058

Middleborough, Massachusetts,

Town of 0.000167

Midwest Natural Gas Corporation

for Brownstown and Medora 0.000359

Midwest Natural Gas Corporation

for North Vernon 0.000899

Mississippi Gas Corporation

for Reeves, Louisiana 0.000036

Mississippi Gas Corporation

for LeBlanc, Louisiana 0.000190

Mississippi Valley Gas Company

for Town of Ethel, Mississippi 0.000028

Mississippi Valley Gas Company

for Town of McCool, Mississippi 0.000011

Morganza, Louisiana, Village of 0.000077

Mt. Carmel Public Utility Company 0.001168

Napoleon, Indiana, Town of 0.000028

National Fuel Gas Supply Corp. 0.027945

National Gas & Oil Corporation 0.006332