Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/29/1999, Docket: RP00- 7-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 497 First Revised Sheet No. 497 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 497





fault for disruptions, and the provisions of Sections 4.1 "Scheduling of

Storage and Transportation Services" and 4.2 "Capacity Curtailment and

Interruption Procedures for Storage and Transportation Services" of the

General Terms and Conditions will be applied to all services in the

affected area for the purpose of insuring that firm service rights and

firm entitlements are not adversely affected by any lower priority



All quantities tendered to Pipeline and/or taken by Customer under any

Rate Schedule other than under Rate Schedule SCT, on a daily basis in

violation of Pipeline's operational flow orders shall constitute

unauthorized receipts or deliveries for which a charge of $25 per Dth

shall be assessed. Upon an operational flow order becoming effective as

specified in the operational flow order or as provided in Section

4.3(A)(1) of the General Terms and Conditions, Customer, TABS Party, OBA

Party or point operator shall be permitted three (3) hours, or such lesser

time as is required to protect the integrity of Pipeline's system, to

reduce its tenders or takes in compliance with the operational flow

orders. If Customer adjusts its tenders or takes within such notice

period based on operational data, then no charge, as provided for herein,

shall be assessed.


In the event total storage withdrawals exceed 900 MDth for a day and are

expected to remain above 900 MDth for two or more additional days, Pipeline may

issue an operational flow order pursuant to this Section 4.3(B) of the General

Terms and Conditions restricting deliveries under all of Pipeline's rate

schedules, such that total scheduled deliveries are equal to confirmed receipts.

Additionally, increases in scheduled delivery quantities including "no-notice"

delivery quantities will require confirmed receipt increases at the time of

revision of scheduled deliveries. If actual receipts are less than scheduled

deliveries, then scheduled deliveries will be reduced to balance actual receipts

on a daily basis. Excess storage withdrawals under Rate Schedules SS-1 and FSS-

1 will not be allowed for the duration of this order. Additionally, imbalances

incurred during the term of this operational flow order attributable to

deliveries in excess of scheduled delivery quantities or receipts of less than

scheduled receipt quantities must be scheduled as imbalance gas due to Pipeline

on the day following posting of such operational imbalance on the LINK® System,

provided, however, that such quantity can be scheduled without exceeding

Customer's MDQ of the affected service. For the duration of this operational

flow order, if actual delivered quantities for a day exceed 105% of the

scheduled delivery quantities for that day, operational flow order penalties

will be imposed