Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2000, Docket: RP01- 69-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 474 Second Revised Sheet No. 474 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 474





requested MDQ on Pipeline's system compared to total firm capacity rights.

Additional Assignments will be made to firm transportation Customers or

their downstream parties and to any other party on a first-come, first-

served basis. In no event will the assignment exceed the request without

the mutual agreement of Pipeline and the firm transportation Customer or

its downstream party or any other party.


(4) Pipeline will give notice on the LINK® System of its firm upstream capacity

available for Initial Assignment under this Section 3.15 for at least sixty

(60) days commencing June 15, 1992, with Initial Assignments to be made

effective June 1, 1993 or the effective date of Section 3.15, whichever is

later, based on the allocation set forth under Section 3.15(B)(3) to those

making requests for assignment to Pipeline in writing within such sixty

(60) day period. Thereafter remaining upstream capacity will remain posted

on the LINK® System and available for Additional Assignment until all such

capacity has been assigned, released, or otherwise disposed of.


(5) Pipeline will not assign upstream capacity in the restructuring proceedings

except under this Section 3.15(B) to ensure that Pipeline's firm

transportation Customers or their downstream parties have the first

opportunity to gain access to upstream capacity. Initial Assignments of

individually certificated upstream capacity will be made to those firm

transportation Customers or their downstream parties with executed service

agreements under Pipeline's individually certificated rate schedules which

are solely dependent on such upstream capacity to provide such service,

unless such firm transportation Customers or their downstream parties

affirmatively notify Pipeline that it desires to reject such Initial



(6) If firm upstream capacity is not assigned and Pipeline is unable to release

available upstream capacity pursuant to the upstream pipeline's capacity

reallocation program, it shall file to recover costs associated with such

stranded upstream capacity as a transition cost, pursuant to Section 15.2.