Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

Sixth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 11-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 297 Original Sheet No. 297 : Effective





(F) Excess Withdrawal Charge:


The Excess Withdrawal Charge Rate, as determined by Section 3.1

herein, multiplied by the quantities of Excess Withdrawal Gas

delivered for the month pursuant to the executed service



3.3 In addition to all other charges hereunder, Customers shall pay

Pipeline the applicable Incremental Facility Charge, as set forth on Sheet No.

48, per month per Dth of additional MSQ, MDWQ and/or MDIQ, as applicable, for

which each Customer contracted under Pipeline's various incremental facility

expansions. The additional Dth applicable for each Customer under each

applicable incremental facility expansion are set forth on Sheet No. 48.


3.4 Except as provided in Section 3.5 of this Rate Schedule, in the event

Pipeline fails to withdraw on any one day at least 95% of the quantity of gas

requested to be withdrawn by Pipeline on such day up to the MDWQ, the

Reservation Charge shall be decreased by the amount of the Reservation Charge

Adjustment (as set forth on Sheet No. 46 of Pipeline's FERC Gas Tariff, Volume

No. 1, as such sheet may be revised, superseded or supplemented from time to

time) multiplied by the quantity of gas not withdrawn up to the lesser of the

total quantity of gas requested and not withdrawn, or the MDWQ. Such

Reservation Charge Adjustment shall be discounted in the case of an executed

service agreement containing a discounted Reservation Charge Rate in the same

proportion such Reservation Charge Rate is discounted from the maximum

Reservation Charge Rate.


3.5 Pipeline shall not be obligated to adjust the Reservation Charge

pursuant to Section 3.4 when Pipeline's failure to withdraw on any one day at

least 95% of the quantity of gas requested by Customer to be withdrawn on such

day up to the MDWQ:


(A) is the result of the conduct of Customer or the downstream

operator of the facilities at the Point of Delivery;


(B) is the result of Pipeline having operational flow orders in effect

on such day;


(C) is the result, during the period from May 1 through November 1 of

any year, of Pipeline performing routine operational maintenance

and repair;


(D) is the result of Pipeline performing at anytime repair and

maintenance of its facilities to comply with applicable regulatory

requirements, or