Mid Louisiana Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/01/1977, Docket: GT90- 37-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 90 Original Sheet No. 90 : Effective












THIS TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT, dated the 3rd day of February, 1977, by

and between UNITED GAS PIPE LINE COMPANY, a Delaware corporation (United),

and MID LOUISIANA GAS COMPANY, a Delaware corporation (Mid Louisiana);


WHEREAS, United has contracted to purchase from Pennzoil Offshore Gas

Operators, Inc. (POGO), and Pennzoil Louisiana and Texas Offshore, Inc.

(PLATO), all of the natural gas produced from reserves controlled by POGO and

PLATO in Block 140 Main Pass Area, offshore Louisiana (Block 140);


WHEREAS, under the terms of said purchase agreements, the producers are

to gather and deliver the gas to United at a point onshore in Plaquemines

Parish, Louisiana;


WHEREAS, the point of delivery by the producers is located approximately

three (3) miles from an existing 16-inch line of Southern Natural Gas Company

(Southern), at or near the outlet side of separation facilities operated by

Gulf Oil Corporation (Gulf) located in Section 55, Township 21 South, Range

18 East. Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana;


WHEREAS, pursuant to an agreement by and among Gulf, United, Mid

Louisiana and Southern (hereinafter referred to as the "Gulf Agreement"),

Gulf has agreed to dehydrate, compress and measure the Block 140 gas,

together with the associated liquefiable hydrocarbons, and to deliver said

gas and associated liquefiable hydrocarbons to Mid Louisiana for United's

account at a point of interconnection between the facilities of Gulf and

Mid Louisiana's proposed 6-inch line (hereinafter referred to as the "Point

of Delivery"); and


WHEREAS, United desires that Mid Louisiana transmit through its

proposed 6-inch line, and deliver to Southern for United's account, the

Block 140 gas which United has contracted to purchase from POGO and PLATO;


NOW, THEREFORE, for considerations acknowledged to be adequate, Mid

Louisiana agrees to transport gas for United as follows: