Mid Louisiana Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 01/11/1977, Docket: GT90- 37-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 85 Original Sheet No. 85 : Effective









calorimeter is installed, the monthly average of the daily readings

obtained shall be used. Btu values shall be corrected to 14.73 pounds per

square inch absolute at sixty (60) degrees Fahrenheit saturated with water



The water content shall be determined at such intervals as shall be

found necessary in practice, by the use of dew point apparatus approved by

the Bureau of Mines and utilizing curves for "Water Vapor Content of

Compressed Natural Gas" comprising Figure 41 to Bureau of Mines, U. S.

Department of the Interior, Monograph 8 "Gas Hydrates and Their Relation to

the Operation of Natural Gas Pipe Lines", or by such other curve or method

as shall be mutually agreed upon.






(1) Measuring Equipment and Tests. The responsible party shall

provide an orifice meter or meters of standard type, constructed and

installed in accordance with the specifications contained in Report No. 3

of the Gas Measurement Committee of the American Gas Association, published

April, 1955, as such report has been or may from time to time be revised

(hereinafter called "Report No. 3"), suitable for the measurement of gas in

accordance with Report No. 3, or any other method that may be mutually

agreeable. The responsible party shall install such other instruments and

equipment as are necessary to provide information for the measurement of



The responsible party shall read the meters and change the charts

weekly or at such other intervals as may be mutually agreed upon. Upon

request by any party, the responsible party will submit, for checking and

calculation, the records and charts from metering equipment, together with

calculations therefrom. Such records, charts and calculations shall be

returned within 15 days after receipt thereof, after which the same shall

be kept on file for the use by any party for a period of one year.


Any party may, at its option and expense, install and operate meters,

instruments and equipment of standard type to check the responsible party's

meters and equipment, but