Mid Louisiana Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 01/11/1977, Docket: GT90- 37-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 73 Original Sheet No. 73 : Effective








(j) Btu - A British thermal unit.


(k) psig - Pounds per square inch gauge pressure.


(l) Equivalent Volume - A volume of gas which has been calculated in

accordance with Exhibit A and corrected for differences in Btu

content and unrestored Plant Volume Reduction (PVR).








Mid Louisiana has contracted to purchase from Molal the portion of the

gas produced from Block 140 attributable, to Mobil's interest in said block.

Mid Louisiana has assigned a 40% interest in the Block 140 gas to Southern.

This gas will be gathered and delivered by the producer in Plaquemines

Parish, Louisiana. Since Mid Louisiana's existing pipeline system does not

extend into Plaquemines Parish, Southern hereby agrees to exchange Mid

Louisiana's 60% share of Mobil's gas from Block 140 for gas which Southern

purchases from Ashland Oil, Inc. ("Ashland") in Monroe Field, Louisiana.


Mid Louisiana will deliver to the Grand Bay Exchange Point, through a

new pipeline which Mid Louisiana shall construct at its sole cost and

expense, that part of the gas produced from Block 140, which it purchases

from Mobil and will transport, without cost of Southern, the 40% of the gas

attributable to Mobil's interest in Block 140 gas which Southern purchases.

Southern will accept delivery of Mid Louisiana's gas at the Grand Bay

Exchange Point and will have delivered to Mid Louisiana Equivalent Volumes

at the Cargas/Perryville Exchange Points.


Mid Louisiana shall receive at the Cargas/Perryville Exchange Points

all the gas Southern purchases from Ashland in the Monroe Field in

northeast Louisiana, regardless of the occurrence of an event of force

majeure (as specified in Article XII hereof) which interrupts deliveries of

gas by Mid Louisiana to Southern at the Grand Bay Exchange Point.