Enbridge Pipelines (Midla) Inc.

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2001, Docket: GT01- 30-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 182 Original Sheet No. 182 : Effective



Customer notifies the other party that it desires a special test

of any measuring equipment, Pipeline and Customer shall cooperate

to secure a prompt verification of the accuracy of such equipment.

In the event that a special test is requested by other Pipeline or

Customer and, after test, the equipment is determined to register

no greater than two percent, either high or low, the requesting

party shall pay all costs for said test.


24.3 Correction of Metering Equipment - Any meter found, on test, to

register not more than two percent (2%) high or low shall be

deemed to be correct as to past measurements but shall be

corrected to record accurately. In the event any meter, upon

test, proves to be more than two percent (2%) high or low,

adjustment shall be made to fully correct the readings of such

meters; provided, however, that if the period in which the error

occurred is not known or cannot be agreed upon, then the period

shall be deemed to be either the last half of the time elapsed

since the last test, or the last thirty (30) days, whichever is

the lesser period. If a meter is out of repair or is being tested

or in the event that Pipeline's meters become inoperative or

manifestly in error and Customer has not installed a check meter

or meters as herein provided, or if such check meters have been

installed and fail accurately to register or are manifestly in

error, then the quantity of gas delivered during the period

Pipeline's meter or meters were inoperative or manifestly in error

shall be determined by estimating as nearly as possible the

quantity of gas delivered hereunder during like periods under

similar conditions when such meter was registering accurately or

correctly within the tolerance set forth herein.


24.4 Customer shall be entitled to install and operate at its own

expense near the Point(s) of Delivery such meter or meters of

standard type as shall enable Customer to check the amount of gas

delivered. If Customer shall exercise this right of installing

and operating check meters, then in the event of failure of

Pipeline's meters to register accurately at any time, the

registration of Customer's check meters shall be taken as the

current quantity of gas delivered to Customer by