K N Wattenberg Transmission LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/1993, Docket: CP92-203-005, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 56 Substitute Original Sheet No. 56 : Effective



General Terms and Conditions - continued


floods, freezing, storms, landslides, washouts,

strikes, industrial disturbances, legal

interferences, orders or requirements of competent

authority, acts of God or the public enemy, or, and,

without limitation by the foregoing , any other cause

beyond reasonable control of Shipper. Any such cause

or contingency exempting Shipper from liability for

non-performance (excepting where prevented by valid

orders or requirements of Federal, State or other

governmental regulatory bodies having jurisdiction in

the premises) shall not relieve Shipper of its

obligation to pay demand charges, reservation

charges, or other amounts owed in accordance with the

provisions of the applicable rate schedule. In every

case, Shipper shall exercise diligence to remove any

such interference with its receipt of gas and shall

resume such receipt at the earliest practicable time.







(1) Whenever Transporter's system is unable, for any

reason, to receive, transport, or deliver gas to

satisfy the needs of all Shippers requesting service,

all requested firm service will be provided before

requested interruptible service.


(2) Before any firm service is interrupted, all

interruptible service will have been interrupted.


(3) In the event that a receipt, transportation, and

delivery capability limitation is applicable only to

a specific pipeline or area of the system, and the

only receipt, transportation and delivery reductions

required relate to that pipeline or area, then the

reductions prescribed above may be limited to such

pipeline or area.