Florida Gas Transmission Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 16-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 204 Original Sheet No. 204 : Superseded





shall accrue on the outstanding balance of any direct bill not paid

in full within said initial thirty (30) day period, from the date of

Transporter's submission of the direct bill until the date paid in



C. PGA Termination Reports


At the time it submits its initial, final, and any interim direct

bills/refunds pursuant to this Section 26, Transporter shall also

file with the FERC a report ("PGA Termination Report") that

summarizes Transporter's calculation of the direct bill/cash refund

submitted to each PGA Customer. A copy of said PGA Termination

Report shall be served on each PGA Customer and interested state

commissions on the day the report is filed with the FERC.


D. Upstream Account 191 Costs


To the extent any Order No. 636 restructuring proceedings on

interstate gas pipelines upstream of Transporter's pipeline result in

the flow through to Transporter of PGA Account costs, such costs

shall be direct billed/refunded separately in accordance with the

allocation provisions of Section 26A.1 within ninety (90) days of

payment of such costs to upstream pipeline or receipt of any refund

amounts from upstream pipeline.