Florida Gas Transmission Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 16-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 197 Original Sheet No. 197 : Superseded





entitlement under FTS-1 firm service agreements

(including such entitlement as it may be subsequently

assigned or relinquished) but shall not include

Incremental Firm Entitlement.


l. Incremental Firm Entitlement. Incremental Firm

Entitlement shall mean firm entitlement which is

provided under Transporter's Rate Schedule FTS-2

(pending Commission approval in Docket No. CP92-182) or

other firm entitlement associated with Service

Agreements wherein service commences after the Effective

Date, and which is provided in connection with an

expansion of Transporter's facilities.


2. Eligibility. Transporter shall initially be entitled to

include Transition Costs it incurs in either the TCR Mechanism

or the Order 636 Mechanism subject to an eligibility

challenge. In particular, within thirty (30) days following

Transporter's filing under subsection 24(B)(4), any customer

on Transporter's system may file a challenge at the Commission

to require Transporter to recover such costs through the other

transition cost recovery mechanism. In the event the

Commission agrees with such challenge, Transporter shall move

the unrecovered balance of such Transition Costs to the other

transition cost recovery mechanism for recovery in accordance

with this Section 24.


3. Exclusivity. This Section 24 shall be the only means utilized

by Transporter to flowthrough Transition Costs incurred

pursuant to the Subject Gas Purchase Agreements.

Unrecoverable Transition Costs shall not be recovered by

Transporter from Shipper through the TCR Mechanism, the Order

No. 636 Mechanism, nor any other cost recovery mechanism.


4. Reporting. Commencing on the date six months after the

Effective Date, and every six months thereafter, Transporter

shall file with the Commission and provide shipper an annual

report describing the activity in the TCR Account and the

Order 636 TCR Account.