Cove Point LNG Limited Partnership

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2003, Docket: CP01- 76-003, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 107 First Revised Sheet No. 107 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 107









(d) Information Available. The EBB will permit parties to obtain


(1) Information concerning the availability of capacity for peaking and

transportation services, and whether the capacity is available directly from

Operator or through Buyer's capacity release.


(2) A listing of Receipt Points and Delivery Points on Operator's system (the

"Master List of Interconnections" or "MLI"), including the following

information: (1) designation of Receipt/Delivery Point; (ii) location of

Receipt/Delivery Point; (iii) delivery point operator's name and phone number;

(iv) total firm capacity subscribed at the point; and (v) whether the point is

measured by Operator or a third party or is subject to a Predetermined

Allocation Method ("PDA").


(3) The party's Liquefied Gas Balance under Rate Schedules LTD-1, LTD-2, FPS-1,

FPS-2 and FPS-3.


(4) Operator's currently effective FERC Gas Tariff; and policies and data logs

required under 18 CFR Section 161.


(e) Limitation. The EBB shall be employed by Buyers and other parties for uses

identified in this Section and elsewhere in this Tariff. All other types of

communications should be transmitted by the means otherwise prescribed in the tariff.





(a) Request for Service Form. Requests for new or increased levels of service under any

of Operator's Rate Schedules, or for amended Service Agreements reflecting changes

other than in quantities, shall be made by fully completing a Request for Service

Form in the form included in this Tariff. The completed Request shall be sent to

Operator by methods of delivery approved by Operator.


(b) In General. To make a valid request for service, a party seeking service from

Operator (Requestor) shall submit, in addition to a completed Request for Service

Form, the data required by Paragraph (c) below. Operator may, however, waive the

requirements of all or any part of Paragraph (c). A Requestor that is an existing

Buyer on Operator's system shall not be required to provide the information required

by Paragraph (c) in order to make a new request for service, provided, however, that

Operator may require an existing Buyer to furnish any information necessary to make a

creditworthiness determination with respect to that Buyer/Requestor's new request for

service. A request for service shall not be valid until Operator has received from

Requestor a completed Request for Service Form and, unless waived by Operator or not

required under the provisions of this Section, all of the information required or

requested under Paragraph (c) below.