Cove Point LNG Limited Partnership

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2003, Docket: CP01- 76-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 18A.01 Original Sheet No. 18A.01 : Effective











2.5 In the event more than one Buyer is receiving firm LNG tanker discharging service

under this Rate Schedule LTD-1, any or all of such Buyers may elect to coordinate

among themselves their operations at Operator's facilities, including the joint

scheduling of LNG arrivals, injections into storage, scheduling of vaporization and

other activities required for the use of Operator's facilities. Buyers electing to

coordinate operations (such Buyers being referred to herein as "Coordinating Buyers"

shall provide Operator with written notice of such election at the time Buyer's Annual

Discharge Schedule is due pursuant to Section 4.2(a)(i). Such election shall be

effective for the annual period covered by Buyer's Annual Discharge Schedule. Upon

making such election, the Coordinating Buyers shall be responsible for ensuring that

all scheduling, submission of nominations and notices and other activities required by

this Rate Schedule of an individual Buyer are performed by a single party or entity

acting on behalf of all Coordinating Buyers ("Single Entity"). The Single Entity

appointed to act on behalf of the Coordinating Buyers hereunder may be a particular

Buyer or a third party. Coordinating Buyers shall be treated by Operator for all

operational purposes, but for operational purposes only and not for any rate, fee or

crediting purposes, as a single Buyer having an MDDQ, MCSQ and SDDQ equal to the sum

of the individual MDDQs, MCSQs and SDDQs of the Coordinating Buyers.


Operator shall be entitled to rely on the schedules, nominations, notices and other

submissions made jointly by the Coordinating Buyers and communicated to Operator by

the Single Entity as if they had been made by each Buyer individually, and each

Coordinating Buyer shall be bound by the actions taken by the Single Entity.

Notwithstanding the appointment of a Single Entity or the decision to act as

Coordinating Buyers, each individual Buyer shall remain liable to Operator for all its

obligations under the tariff and the applicable service agreement(s) and nothing

herein will relieve Buyer from any obligations under the tariff or applicable service

agreement(s). Coordinating Buyers shall indemnify and hold Operator harmless from any

liabilities, losses, damages, expenses and other obligations of any nature whatsoever

arising from disputes or litigation among or between all or any of the Coordinating

Buyers and the Single Entity respecting the Single Entity's performance of functions

under this Rate Schedule LTD-1.