CNG Transmission Corporation

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/05/1998, Docket: RP97-406-005, Status: Effective

Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 380 Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 380 : Superseded

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 380



Assignment of Third-Party Capacity



October 1, 1993, Pipeline shall offer to permanently

assign such firm capacity through notice on Pipeline's

EBB, in conformance with Section 26, below. Such

assignments will be offered first to customers receiving

firm sales service from Pipeline on May 18, 1992, on a

pro rata basis; however, if no such firm Customers elect

to take assignment of the capacity, Pipeline may assign

the capacity in accordance with the capacity release

tariff requirements of the affected pipeline or Pipeline

may reduce or terminate capacity held on the third-party

pipeline through contract recision, buyout or buydown or

by giving notice at the expiration of the primary term

of the underlying Service Agreement.


25.2 To the extent that (1) Pipeline's Customers or other

parties do not take assignments of third-party upstream

capacity, or (2) Pipeline is not permitted or able to

reduce or terminate its entitlements to such capacity,

on the date such capacity is no longer needed, then

Pipeline shall be entitled to recover the costs of such

capacity as stranded costs, in conformance with Section

18.2. above.




26.1 Access.

A. Persons may obtain information concerning

Pipeline's Electronic Bulletin Board ("EBB"), by

writing or calling Pipeline's Transportation

Contracts Department. Pipeline shall maintain its

EBB as a part of Pipeline's E-SCRIPTTM System.

E-SCRIPTTM is a trademark of CNG Transmission

Corporation. Access to the E-SCRIPT System shall

be provided on an interactive, nondiscriminatory

basis to all parties that have: (1) executed an

E-SCRIPT System Agreement; (2) been assigned an

E-SCRIPT System USER ID and password; and (3)

agreed to comply with all procedures for access and

use of Pipeline's E-SCRIPT System and any other

applicable provisions of Pipeline's Tariff.