CNG Transmission Corporation

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 14-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 312 Original Sheet No. 312 : Superseded




Operational Flow Orders



willful misconduct, or fraud in causing such damage or



C. Pipeline may waive any penalty otherwise applicable

under this Section if, in Pipeline's sole discretion,

Customer's action(s) did not cause or contribute to

the circumstances which required Pipeline to issue an

OFO under this Section 11B.


D. Neither this Tariff nor any of the applicable Service

Agreements executed for services hereunder contemplate

any third party beneficiaries to any service, term, or

condition of this Tariff or any applicable Service



E. In no event shall a single act, occurrence, or event

that may cause Pipeline to issue an OFO result in

Customer liability for more than a single penalty

under this Tariff.


11B.6 Except as otherwise specifically provided in this tariff,

Pipeline shall not interrupt deliveries of gas to, restrict

actual receipts of gas from, or otherwise disrupt service

to a customer taking service under Rate Schedules FT or

FTNN, to the extent that Customer has nominated and

tendered, or has caused to be nominated and tendered, its

confirmed, scheduled quantities of flowing supply to

Pipeline at Primary Receipt and Delivery Points, and if the

operator of each Delivery Point is accepting such tendered





11C.1 Operating Personnel And Facilities Shared By Pipeline

With Affiliates Or Divisions Engaged In Marketing Or

Brokering Activities.


A. Personnel. To ensure full compliance with both the

letter and spirit of Order Nos. 497 et seq., and to

further the policy objectives of Order Nos. 636 et

seq., Pipeline's corporate parent, Consolidated

Natural Gas Company, has restructured Pipeline's gas

marketing activities with the creation of CNG Gas

Services Corporation ("Gas Services"). Gas Services

will become the company through which all future gas