CNG Transmission Corporation

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-355-001, Status: Effective

Sub. Original Sheet No. 209 Sub. Original Sheet No. 209 : Superseded



Mainline Pooling Service




4.1 For service under this Rate Schedule, Customer shall pay

Pipeline monthly the following:


A. An Imbalance Fee. A charge per Dt per Day, equivalent

to Pipeline's then-effective maximum rate applicable

to Parking Service under Rate Schedule MCS as set

forth on Sheet No. 31 of this Tariff. This fee shall

be applied to all Scheduled Quantities on each Day

during the billing month which, despite Customer's

obligation to balance Scheduled Quantities in

accordance with Section 6.2, below, fail to be

delivered both into and away from an Eligible Point on

the same Day. To the extent that imbalance quantities

exceed 5% of the lesser of the Scheduled Quantities

for receipt or delivery at an Eligible Point, then the

Imbalance Fee applicable to such imbalance in excess

of 5% will be doubled.


B. Applicable penalties as described in Section 6.5 of

this Rate Schedule; and


C. All other applicable rates, charges, and penalties as

set forth in the General Terms and Conditions of

Pipeline's Tariff.


4.2 Pipeline may elect to offer to provide service at a rate

that is below the maximum but no less than the minimum

rates applicable to this Rate Schedule. However, Pipeline

is not obligated to offer to provide service at any rates

less than the maximum rates.


4.3 Notwithstanding the general provision of Section 4.1 above,

if Pipeline and Customer mutually agree to negotiated rates

for service hereunder, such negotiated rates shall apply in

lieu of the otherwise applicable charges identified in

Section 4.1.A.




Each Aggregation Agreement shall specify Eligible Points,

which shall be the logical or accounting locations at which

Pipeline will permit Customer to aggregate quantities of natural

gas, subject to