Williams Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 12-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 275 Original Sheet No. 275 : Superseded









WNG shall not be liable to the Shipper or any of its agents, servants,

or employees, or to any person whomsoever for any loss, damage, or

injury resulting from the said gas or its uses before entering WNG's

system at the point(s) of receipt and after leaving WNG's system at

the point(s) of delivery, all risks thereof and therefrom being

assumed, as between WNG and Shipper, by Shippers except such losses

proximately caused by gross negligence of WNG.


Each party assumes full responsibility and liability for the operation

of the facilities owned by it and agrees to hold the other party

harmless from and against all liability of whatever nature arising

from installation, ownership, and operation therefrom.


Unless otherwise provided, all substances, whether or not of

commercial value, including all liquid hydrocarbons of whatever

nature, that WNG recovers in the course of transporting the quantities

of natural gas tendered to Shipper shall be WNG's sole property, and

WNG shall not be obligated to account to Shipper for any value,

whether or not realized by WNG, that may attach or be said to attach

to such substances.





Shipper shall deliver gas to WNG at the pressure sufficient to allow

the gas to enter WNG's facilities at the Receipt Point(s) at the

varying pressures that may exist in such facilities from time to time;

provided, however, that such pressure of the gas delivered by Shipper

shall not exceed the maximum allowable operating pressure(s) of such

facilities. WNG shall deliver gas to Shipper at WNG's line pressure

existing at the point of delivery. Shipper agrees to install, operate

and maintain at its own cost and expense, all pipes, appliances,

pressure relief or other valves, fittings, regulators and other

equipment necessary to properly handle and regulate the pressure of

the gas after delivery to it by WNG at the point of delivery. Shipper

shall receive gas at pressures great enough to allow WNG's measurement

equipment to reliably measure such gas.