Williams Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 12-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 247 Original Sheet No. 247 : Superseded









The Releasing Shipper must specify the term, quantity and

minimum rate the Releasing Shipper is willing to accept as

well as whether the assignment is subject to recall and the

applicable recall conditions. The Releasing Shipper may

specify further objective and non-discriminatory conditions

in its Release Notice, such as (1) alternative economic

criteria for evaluating bids;(2) whether bids using a one-

part, volumetric rate will be accepted; (3) alternate

methods for breaking ties; (4) the time period the posting

is to remain on the EBB; (5) whether contingent bids will be

accepted and, if so, the method by which contingent bids

will be evaluated; and (6) whether a bid for a portion of

the capacity offered will be accepted. If a Releasing

Shipper specifies its own procedures for evaluating bids,

they shall be posted on WNG's EBB, objectively stated, and

shall be applicable to all potential bidders on a non-

discriminatory basis. The terms and conditions must not

conflict with this FERC Gas Tariff, and WNG may reject

conditions which are administratively impractical.


(b) WNG will post the information provided by the Releasing

Shipper on its EBB. The posting will include, but will not

be limited to:


(1) the quantity available for assignment,

(2) the points of receipt and delivery and the released

quantity for each point,

(3) the term of the assignment, and whether the release is

on a permanent or temporary basis,

(4) whether the assignment is firm or recallable and the

recall conditions, if applicable,

(5) the minimum reservation charge the Releasing Shipper

will accept, and/or, if the Shipper elects, the

minimum Reservation Charge restated on a volumetric


(6) any Pre-arranged Shipper proposed to obtain released

capacity under the rates, terms and conditions

contained in the Shipper's Notice

(7) whether contingent bids will be accepted subject to

Article 11.4(c),