Carnegie Interstate Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1995, Docket: CP93-552-004, Status: Effective

Sub Original Sheet No. 151 Sub Original Sheet No. 151 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 151




Article II



This Agreement shall become effective on ____________, and

CIPCO shall provide firm transportation service for Customer

pursuant to this Agreement until ____________, and ____________

to ____________ thereafter unless this Agreement is terminated

as hereinafter provided. This Agreement may be terminated by

either Customer or CIPCO upon ____________ prior written notice

to the other specifying a termination date of any ____________

occurring on or after the expiration of the primary term. In

addition to CIPCO's rights under Section 25 of the General

Terms and Conditions of CIPCO's FERC Gas Tariff and without

prejudice to such rights, this Agreement may be terminated at

any time by CIPCO in the event Customer fails to pay part or

all of the amount of any bill for service hereunder and such

failure continues for thirty (30) days after payment is due;

provided however, CIPCO gives thirty (30) days prior written

notice to Customer of such termination and provided further,

such termination shall not be effective if, prior to the date

of termination, Customer either pays such outstanding bill or

furnishes a good and sufficient surety bond guaranteeing

payment to CIPCO of such outstanding bill.


The termination of this Agreement with a fixed contract

term or the provision of a termination notice by Customer

triggers pregranted abandonment under Section 7 of the Natural

Gas Act as of the effective date of the termination.


The obligation to make payments to CIPCO for deliveries of

gas or to complete balancing otherwise required by this

Agreement, or to make payments for imbalances not corrected

prior to termination of this Agreement shall survive

termination of this Agreement.



Article III



Customer shall pay CIPCO for all services rendered

hereunder and for the availability of such service at the rates

and charges specified in CIPCO's Rate Schedule FTS as filed

with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and as the same

may be hereafter revised or changed.