Carnegie Interstate Pipeline Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2000, Docket: RP01- 46-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 115A Original Sheet No. 115A : Effective





17.4 (Continued)


(c) Revenues received by CIPCO which are

attributable to imbalance penalties incurred by any

affiliated Customer of CIPCO shall be credited to each

non-affiliated firm transportation Customer of CIPCO pro

rata based on the proportion each such Customer's MDTQ

bears to 85,000 Dth/day.


17.5 Pre-existing Imbalances and Overruns


Imbalances or overruns existing prior to October 1,

1993, shall be corrected pursuant to procedures in effect at

the time the imbalance or overrun was incurred unless the

parties agree to a cash settlement; provided however, all such

imbalances or overruns must be corrected by November 15, 1993.


17.6 Netting and Trading of Imbalances.


At the end of each calendar month, to the extent the

net receipts (with the appropriate deductions for Company Use

Gas) do not equal the deliveries under any Service Agreement

on a dekatherm basis, the following transportation fees and

netting and trading procedures will apply:


a. Imbalances under a Customer's different Service

Agreements will be netted together to obtain the Customer's

Total Monthly Imbalance ("TMI"). The TMI will be shown with

the monthly billings sent to Customers. To facilitate the

trading or offsetting of a Customer's TMI, CIPCO will

post on its electronic bulletin board, on or before the ninth

business day of the month, the TMI of any Customer that has

not notified CIPCO in writing that the Customer does not

elect to have that information posted. Customers or their

agents may then trade offsetting imbalances to CIPCO with

Customers or their agents until the close of business on the

seventeenth business day of the month ("Trading Period").

Parties that agree to trade all or part of an imbalance must

notify CIPCO in writing on or before the seventeenth

business day of the month through submission of an Imbalance

Trade Confirmation form; otherwise, such trade shall not be

effective. Upon receipt of an Imbalance Trade Confirmation,

CIPCO will send an Imbalance Trade Notification to the

trading parties by noon CCT the next business day. Any

Customer imbalance remaining after the Trading Period may be

charged a penalty.