Arkansas Western Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1993, Docket: CP92-570-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 65 Original Sheet No. 65 : Superseded




a. Requests for additional receipt points or changes in

the entity ultimately receiving the gas to be

transported pursuant to this Section 3 shall not affect

the Priority Date of an executed ITS Service Agreement

as set forth above.


b. Requests for an additional Delivery Point and/or any

incremental increase in the MDQ at a Delivery Point

pursuant to this Section 3 shall require a new request

for interruptible transportation service setting forth

such additional Delivery Point and/or incremental

volume; provided, however, Transporter may waive this

provision on a non-discriminatory basis in the event

Transporter constructs a new Delivery Point to

effectuate deliveries hereunder to Shipper and Shipper

elects to transfer all or a portion of the Maximum

Daily Quantity set forth in Shipper's executed ITS

Service Agreement for existing Delivery Point(s)

thereunder to the new Delivery Point, and only if the

transportation service to be provided by Transporter is

otherwise identical to the service being provided under

such ITS Service Agreement.


c. Extension(s) of the term of an ITS Service Agreement

pursuant to an evergreen provision contained thereunder

shall not affect the Priority Date of such ITS Service





4.1 The rate to be charged by Transporter for all natural gas

delivered to Shipper under this ITS Rate Schedule shall be

rates not in excess of the Maximum Rate nor less than the

Minimum Rate. The currently effective Maximum and Minimum

ITS Rates are set forth on the Schedule of Rates for

Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Related Services of

Transporter's FERC Gas Tariff, of which this ITS Rate

Schedule is part and is hereby incorporated herein.

Transporter shall not be required to provide any requested

transportation service if Shipper is unwilling to pay the

Maximum ITS Rate applicable to service under this ITS Rate



4.2 Unless Transporter notifies Shipper to the contrary, the

applicable rate shall be the Maximum ITS Rate. Transporter

may from time to time and at any time selectively adjust, on