Arkansas Western Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1993, Docket: CP92-570-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 50 Original Sheet No. 50 : Superseded




6.5 Based upon the daily quantity scheduled to be received by

Transporter and such information as Transporter has

available concerning the quantity actually received,

Transporter shall make daily delivery of Shipper's

Equivalent Quantity after making scheduled adjustments for

any prior imbalance in deliveries. Transporter shall not be

obligated to receive or deliver gas in excess of the

quantities scheduled by

Shipper. If on any day Shipper delivers to Transporter at

the Receipt Point(s) quantities which are in excess of or

deficient by the greater of 50 Dth's or ten percent of the

transportation quantities scheduled by Shipper, Shipper

shall have forty-eight hours after notification by

Transporter or such lesser period of time as reasonably

required by Transporter to protect the integrity of its

system, to initiate corrective action. In the event Shipper

fails to initiate the corrective action mutually agreed upon

by the Shipper and Transporter's gas dispatchers within the

period provided, Transporter shall charge Shipper a penalty

that equals the maximum interruptible transportation rate

for service provided under Rate Schedule ITS per Dth

multiplied by the excess quantity in the event of an

over-delivery or an under-delivery.


6.6 Revenue collected by Transporter for scheduling and

imbalance penalties assessed against Shippers that are

affiliated with Transporter shall be refunded to all

Shippers that are not affiliated with Transporter.


6.7 It shall be the responsibility of the Shipper to control

and, if necessary, adjust deliveries of gas to Transporter

and receipts of transportation gas from Transporter in order

to maintain a daily balance of receipts and deliveries. It

is the intention of Transporter that daily deliveries of

natural gas by Transporter to Shipper hereunder shall be

approximately equal to daily receipts of natural gas by

Transporter from Shipper hereunder, less Fuel Usage and

Applicable Shrinkage. However due to variations in

operating conditions, daily and monthly deliveries hereunder

by Transporter may be greater or less than corresponding

receipts of natural gas hereunder by Transporter for

transportation less Fuel Usage and Applicable Shrinkage.

Transporter will monitor, to the best of its ability,

receipts and deliveries for each transportation transaction

and, based upon information available, advise the Shipper of

any imbalance situation which has occurred or which may

occur unless corrective action is taken. Upon notification,