Arkansas Western Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-187-006, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 26 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 26 : Superseded

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 26


released capacity beyond posting the information on the bulletin board,

and locates the potential Shipper. Transporter will not be compensated,

however, if it does not locate the potential Shipper, such as where the

Shipper has a pre-arranged deal or where a potential Shipper accepts a

posted Shipper Notice without Transporter actively marketing that released



15.15 Once the conditions of this Tariff are met and the terms and conditions

specified in the existing Shipper's offer to release are met, the

potential Shipper and Transporter will execute an applicable service

agreement and the potential Shipper will then be considered as any other

Shipper on Transporter's system. Offers shall be binding until written or

electronic notice of withdrawal is received by the capacity release

service provider. The releasing party has the right to withdraw its offer

during the bid period, where unanticipated circumstances justify and no

minimum bid has been made.


15.16 Except as provided in subsection 15.17, any assignment under this Section

shall be for a maximum period expiring on the earlier of (1) the

expiration date of these tariff provisions, or (2) the expiration of the

agreement that is assigned when the assignment is for the full term of

such agreement.


15.17 A Shipper may release any or all of its firm capacity for any period less

than one (1) calendar month without complying with the notification and

bidding requirements of this Section where such Shipper has located a

party to take its capacity, and the demand charge does not exceed

Transporter's maximum rate. The Shipper shall notify Transporter of the

release before the transaction commences. The Transporter shall post on

the TBB information concerning the release within 48 hours of receiving

notice of the transaction. Such Shipper may not rollover, extend, or in

any way continue a release under this Section without complying with the

notification and bidding requirements of this Section and such Shipper may

not re-release to the same party under this Section for a period of thirty

(30) days after the release period has ended.


15.18 A Shipper may release any or all of its firm capacity to a designated

potential Shipper pursuant to a prearranged agreement between such Shipper

and potential Shipper without complying with the bidding requirements of

this Section when the designated potential Shipper is paying the

Transporter's maximum rate.


15.19 Released capacity shall be subject to recall unless the release offer

provides to the contrary. If the releasing shipper wishes to recall

capacity to be effective for a gas day, the notice should be provided to

the transportation service provider and the acquiring shipper no later

than 8 a.m. Central Clock Time on nomination day. Recalls cannot be for a

partial day.


15.20 Reput method and rights shall be specified at the time of the deal. Reput

method and rights shall be individually negotiated between the releasing

shipper and replacement shipper. If the transportation service provider

requires amendments for each release, the transportation service provider

should automate the process of amending contracts and this may be the

subject of a global agreement between the parties.