Arkansas Western Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1993, Docket: CP92-570-005, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 25 Original Sheet No. 25 : Superseded




15.9 Transporter will be required to post Shipper's Notice of

release and to otherwise comply with the provisions of this

Section. If the potential Shipper satisfies all of

Transporter's tariff provisions governing Shipper

eligibility and his bid is accepted by the existing Shipper,

Transporter will execute the applicable service agreement

with the potential Shipper in accordance with the provisions

of Schedule B.


15.10 The service agreement of the existing Shipper releasing

capacity will remain in full force and effect, with a

portion of the proceeds attributable to any release and

assignment credited to the releasing Shipper's Monthly

Demand Charge as provided in subsection 15.14. The

releasing Shipper's

liability to the Transporter is, however, limited during the

term of any capacity release to the applicable demand

charges and related surcharges.


15.11 The potential shipper must satisfy all of Transporter's

tariff provisions governing Shipper eligibility before it

may contract with Transporter for the released capacity.

Once the potential Shipper enters into a service agreement

with Transporter, the potential Shipper becomes a Shipper

like any other Shipper and is subject to the Transporter's

operational provisions as stated in this tariff. In

addition, the potential Shipper as a Shipper may also

release its capacity pursuant to this Section.


15.12 Transporter shall credit the invoice of the releasing

Shipper the proceeds actually received by Transporter

attributable to capacity rights released by the releasing

Shipper, less any administrative fees set forth in

subsections 15.13 and 15.14.


15.13 The sole method by which Transporter shall recover the cost

of operating the capacity release mechanism provided for in

this Section, as well as the costs of establishing a TBB

shall be in Transporter's transportation rates as part of

its cost-of- service. In this regard, either Transporter's

TBB shall list all TBB user fees or Transporter shall make

the TBB user fee information available to potential users.


15.14 Transporter shall be entitled to retain 15% of the monthly

demand charge pursuant to Sheet No. 4 for each month paid by

a potential Shipper for capacity released by a Shipper when

such Shipper requests and Transporter takes action to market