Arkansas Western Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/08/1997, Docket: RP97-187-008, Status: Effective

Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 7 Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 7 : Superseded

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 7

on behalf of Shipper (subject to adjustment for the Fuel Use and Applicable

Shrinkage at one or more Point(s) of Receipt).

c. "Maximum Daily Quantity" ("MDQ") shall mean the maximum daily quantity

of natural gas, that Transporter is obligated under the executed

Service Agreement to transport on half of shipper.

d. The formula used to determine the Equivalent Quantities for delivery

to the Shipper at the Point(s) of Delivery shall be: [1 - (fuel

percent/100] multiplied by the Input Quantity (rounded to the nearest

Dth). For purposes of this formula, the fuel percentage shall reflect

lost and unaccounted for gas.

2.11 "Heating Value" or "Heat Content" shall mean the gross heating value per cubic

foot of natural gas at a temperature of sixty degrees (60ø) Fahrenheit, at an

absolute pressure of fourteen and seventy-three hundredths (14.73) dry psia,

and corrected from the water vapor content of the natural gas under testing

conditions to the actual water vapor content of the natural gas being received

or delivered; provided, however, if the actual water vapor content of the

natural gas is not more than seven (7) pounds per one thousand (l,000) Mcf, the

natural gas shall be assumed to be dry. For reporting purposes, Btu conversion

factors will be reported to not less than three (3) decimal places and Pressure

Base conversion factors will be reported to not less than six (6) decimal

places. For calculation purposes, not less than six (6) decimal places will be

used for both conversion factors.

2.12 "Intra-Day" Nomination shall mean a nomination submitted after the nomination

deadline whose effective time is no earlier than the beginning of the gas day

and runs through the end of that gas day. There shall be two types of Intra-

day nominations: (i) a nomination received during the gas day for the same day

of gas flow; and (ii) a nomination received after the nominations deadline for

the following gas day.

2.13 "Mcf" shall mean one thousand (1,000) cubic feet of natural gas.

2.14 "MMBtu" shall mean one million (1,000,000) Btus.

2.15 "Month" shall mean the period beginning at 9:00 a.m. CCT on the first day of

the calendar month and ending at 9:00 a.m. CCT on the first day of the next

succeeding calendar month.

2.16 "Natural Gas" or "natural gas" or "gas" shall mean natural gas of the quality

and pressures specified in Sections 4 and 5 of these General Terms and


2.17 "OBA" shall mean a contract between two parties which specifies the procedures

to manage operating variances at an interconnect.

2.18 "Operational Flow Order" shall mean an order issued to alleviate conditions,

inter alia, which threaten the safe operations or system integrity, of the

Transporter's system, or to maintain operations required to provide efficient

and reliable firm service. Whenever Transporter experiences these conditions,

any pertinent order shall be referred to as an Operational Flow Order.

2.19 "Point of Delivery" or "Delivery Point" shall mean the point on Transporter's

system where Transporter shall deliver natural gas to or for the account of

Shipper after transportation. The point of delivery (whether one or more)

shall be specified in the applicable Service Agreement.