Enbridge Pipelines (AlaTenn) Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2001, Docket: GT01- 31-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 172 Original Sheet No. 172 : Effective





(f) Unauthorized Overrun Penalty: If during any Curtailment

Period, any Affected Customer takes, without Seller's

advance approval, a volume of natural gas in excess of the

Curtailment Period Quantity Entitlement applicable to such

customers, said volume shall constitute unauthorized overrun

volume. For each dth of such unauthorized overrun volume

taken by such customer, such customer shall pay to Seller a

penalty of fifteen dollars ($15.00) together with and in

addition to other charges otherwise payable by such customer

for the period in which said unauthorized overrun volume was

taken; provided, however, that Seller shall have the right,

without obligation, to waive any penalty for unauthorized

overrun volume under this Section 22.2(f), unless, on or

after the day when the penalty was incurred, deliveries to

Seller's other customers are adversely affected by the

taking of said unauthorized overrun volume or Seller incurs

a penalty from its supplier or Seller's pipeline operations

are impaired as a result of said unauthorized overrun. The

payment of a penalty for unauthorized overrun shall not,

under any circumstances, be considered as giving any such

customer the right to take unauthorized overrun; nor shall

such payment be considered as a substitute for any other

remedies available to Seller or any other customer against

the offending customer for failure to adhere to its

obligations under the provisions of this Section 22.2.


(g) Customer Reports: Each customer of Seller shall promptly

furnish such information as Seller may request from time to

time to implement any curtailment under this Section 22.2,

including but not limited to, (1) the customer's monthly

requirements from Seller by priority of service categories

with supporting data, including information for individual

industrial consumers served by Seller's customers and (2)

the periodic deliveries from Seller planned by the customer

to implement any allocation of deliveries made effective

under this Section 22.2 during any Curtailment Period.