Midcoast Interstate Transmission, Inc.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1997, Docket: GT97- 71-000, Status: Effective

Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 141A Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 141A : Effective




(e) Transporter shall file a report with the

Commission at the end of the sixth month following

the effective date of Transporter's tariff filed

pursuant to Docket No. RS92-27 stating the balance

in its FERC Account 191 and the amount collected

or refunded at that time. In addition,

Transporter shall file a second report with the

Commission at the end of the amortization period

showing the amounts actually billed or refunded

and the method proposed to collect or refund any

remaining balance.



33.3 Recovery of Tennessee Gas Costs: Upon Commission

authorization, Tennessee Gas Costs shall be billed or

refunded, as applicable, at each customers election, by

way of a lump sum payment or direct billed monthly

payments, to all former bundled jurisdictional sales

customers and direct sales customers that had the

contract right to purchase firm gas from Transporter on

the day prior to the Implementation Date; provided,

that in the case of costs allocated to former bundled

direct sales customers, such recovery shall be limited

to those customers from which Transporter has a right

to collect such costs pursuant to the terms of the

direct sales contract with such customers; provided,

further, that any amount allocated but not collected

from such former bundled direct sales customers (for

reasons relating solely to Transporter's contract

rights, if any, with such former bundled direct sales

customers to collect such amounts) shall not be

reallocated to Transporter's former bundled

jurisdictional sales customers, (such former bundled

jurisdictional sales and direct sales customers

hereafter referred to together as the "Affected

Shippers"). Transporter will invoice, over the same

period used by Tennessee, Affected Shippers for

Tennessee Gas Costs attributable to Affected Shippers,

including interest on any unpaid balance calculated

pursuant to Section 154.67(c) of the Commission's

Regulations, as follows: