Midcoast Interstate Transmission, Inc.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2000, Docket: RP01- 4-002, Status: Effective

Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 85 Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 85 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 85



of ten per cent (10%) or 50 Dth of the scheduled daily

quantity applicable to that Delivery Point as

specified in the Customer Nomination Form(s). On any

day that such a party takes gas in excess of the daily

limit applicable to that Delivery Point, without the

prior consent of Transporter, such party shall be

subject to an Unauthorized Overrun Charge of fifteen

dollars ($15.00) for each Dth of excess volumes taken

or delivered beyond the greater of ten percent (10%)

or 50 Dth allowable variation.


(c) Monthly Imbalance Trading and Netting Procedures -

(i) As soon as practicable following the end of each

month, but not later than the ninth (9th) business

day, Transporter shall provide each OBA Party,

or Shipper in the case of deliveries

to a point not covered by an OBA or any

party using such services on behalf of the Shipper

(“Agent”), a statement detailing the monthly

imbalance quantity. OBA Party, or

Shipper and/or its Agent,

collectively referred to as “Shipper” under Sections

3.7(c) and 3.7(d), may correct monthly imbalances,

until the seventeenth (17th) business day

of each month, by trading imbalances with other

Shippers or by netting imbalances created under its

own transportation contracts. Any imbalances remaining

after the seventeenth (17th) business day shall be

cashed-out pursuant to Section 3.7(d) herein.


(ii) Customer shall use the forms prescribed by

the Pipeline, to notify Pipeline as to how its

monthly imbalances will be resolved for the

preceding calendar month. These forms are located

on the Pipeline's Internet web site under

“Informational Posting,” and are listed

as Imbalance Trading and Netting Forms. Such

notification from the Customer (the initiating

trader) shall constitute Pipeline's authorization

to proceed as indicated on the submitted form.

Customer can access the forms by downloading

such forms from Pipeline’s web site or

by printing the forms directly from the Internet