Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/1997, Docket: RP97- 61-002, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 330 Second Revised Sheet No. 330 : Effective

Superseding: 1st Rev Original Sheet No. 330









Date Service is to commence ____________________


Rate Schedule SBS option: ______ Yes _______No

If yes check requested service(s) and specify maximum(s):

______Advance Receipt Maximum Quantity _______ Dth

______Advance Delivery Maximum Quantity _______ Dth


E. Are New/Modified Facilities Required? _____ Yes _____ No. If yes, please describe.


F. Pool Manager must submit a complete credit application in the form provided for in

Transporter's Tariff. Transporter shall have no obligation to accept Pool Manager's

request for service or to perform service if Pool Manager has not qualified under

Transporter's credit policies.


G. Unless Pool Manager designates otherwise, Pool Manager's signature below shall

constitute its agreement to execute a Service Agreement as provided in Section 1(c)

of Rate Schedule PS and to comply with the terms and conditions of Transporter's

Tariff. Yes__ No__


H. Pool Manager shall provide, in writing, such other information as is required to comply

with regulatory reporting and/or filing requirements and Transporter's Tariff.


Pool Manager or Pool Manager's agent by its signature, certifies to Transporter (1)

that it has good title to the gas or a current contractual right to acquire title or

the full right to deliver all Gas delivered or caused to be delivered, and (2) that it has

entered into all necessary arrangements to assure that upstream and downstream

transportation will be in place prior to commencement of the requested service.


Pool Manager or Pool Manager's agent also certifies that the information herein is

complete and accurate to the best of Pool Manager's knowledge, information and belief.



By ________________________________________



Title _____________________________________


Signature _________________________________