Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2002, Docket: RP96-200-089, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 661 Original Sheet No. 661 : Effective




Contract Rate Contract

Shipper Name Number Schedule Demand Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) Rate

------------------------- ------- -------- -------- -------------------- -------------------------------------- -----------------

Oneok Energy Marketing, 1003284 FT 25,000 North 1/ See 2/ below

And Trading Company, L.P. South


West 1 and West 2


1/ Columbia Gulf @ Perryville (DRN No. 151356) Gulf South @ West Monroe (DRN No. 151252)

Trunkline @ Richland (DRN No.41191) ANR @ Perryville (DRN No. 9732)

SONAT Perryville (DRN No. 151251) Tennessee 100 (DRN No. 163806)

TET @ West Monroe (DRN No. 55577) Tennessee 800 (DRN No. 163807)

TGT @ Perryville (DRN No. 44085) MRT @ Perryville (DRN No. 60478)


2/ Shipper shall pay each month for eligible services up to CD (as effective on the date hereof) the product of (a) each Dth of CD; (b) the

Average Index Price as described below; and (c) 30.41667; Shipper shall also pay any of the incremental charges, as described below, incurred

due to utilization of certain Receipt Points. For the purposes hereof, the term "Transmission Allowance" shall mean the applicable total

rate(s) (Reservation and/or Commodity charges) applicable to the eligible quantities as provided herein. Shipper shall pay a Reservation

Charge each month based on the Dth of CD specified in the Agreement regardless of the quantity of gas transported during each month. However,

in no case shall the Transmission Allowance, calculated on an assumed 100% load factor basis, be less than $0.0575 per Dth. Transporter may

adjust the components of its rates as it may determine from time to time to yield the applicable Transmission Allowances when calculated on an

assumed 100% load factor basis; provided, however, any of the incremental charges incurred shall be billed as a Commodity Rate.


The Average Index Price shall be based on Midpoint Prices as published in Gas Daily for spot gas delivered to pipelines for each day of the

Service Month. If the price information or Gas Daily publication ceases to be published, the parties shall select another mutually agreeable

index price or publication. The Average Index Price shall equal the monthly arithmetic average of the Daily Price Indices calculated for each

day of the Service Month.


The Daily Price Index is calculated as follows:

Eighty Five Percent (85%) of the following formula:

(1) Gas Daily Louisiana-Onshore South, Columbia Gulf Mainline Midpoint Price, minus

(2) Gas Daily Oklahoma, Reliant East Midpoint Price, minus

(3) Fuel Value.