Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP96-200-085, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 651 Original Sheet No. 651 : Effective



Contract Rate Contract

Shipper Name Number Schedule Demand Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) Rate

------------------------- ------ -------- -------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------

TPS Dell, LLC 1002874 FT 102,000 Neutral Pooling Area TPS Dell plant @ Mississippi County, AR See (1)-(3) below

North Pooling Area MRT @ Glendale Gulf South @ West Monroe

West 1 Pooling Area SONAT @ Perryville NGPL @ Hot Spring

West 2 Pooling Area TETCO @ Donaldson


(1) For eligible services within applicable Contract Limitations (e.g., CD, Receipt Entitlements) and between the specified points, the Reservation Charge shall be

$5.2925/Dth per Month; provided, however, if pressures for scheduled quantities up to the MDO at the Primary Delivery Point fall below the desired target

pressure of at least 600 psig on any six (6) days in any annual period under the Agreement and provided that such failure is not due to an event of force

majeure (as such term is defined in Transporter's Tariff) or does not occur during issuance of an applicable Operational Flow Order, then the applicable

Reservation Charges for the following twelve (12) Months shall be reduced to $5.2165 per Dth per Month. The Commodity Rate applicable to deliveries within the

quantity limitations and to the Primary Delivery Point (TPS Dell plant) and the NGPL @ Hot Spring Secondary Delivery Point, shall be the minimum applicable

Tariff rate. For eligible secondary deliveries to the other points listed above, in addition to the minimum Tariff Commodity Rate, Shipper also shall pay an

incremental or add-on amount calculated as follows: .5(B - A) - $0.17, but in no event less than zero, where A is the Midpoint Price published in Gas Daily for

the day of delivery for Reliant East (Oklahoma) and B is the Gas Daily Midpoint Price (the appropriate index to be based on which Secondary Delivery Point used)

for Southern Natural, La. (Louisiana-Onshore South), Gulf South (Zones 1 and 2), MRT, Mainline (East Texas - North Louisiana Area), or Texas Eastern, ETX (East

Texas - North Louisiana), as applicable (if the information or publication is not available, the parties shall select a comparable substitute index price or



(2) If Shipper releases capacity, it shall pay Transporter for any portion of the foregoing calculated Commodity Rate applicable to the specified Secondary Delivery

Points not received by Transporter from the replacement Shipper. However, GRI (only to the extent the charge is voluntary and discountable prior to any other

component of the rate), ACA, GT&C Section 13.4, Order No. 528 and Order No. 636 transition cost surcharges shall not be utilized to charge amounts in excess of

the applicable Transmission Allowance (for purposes hereof, such term shall mean the combined discounted Reservation and Commodity components) with respect to

services that qualify for the rates set forth herein. The parties also agree that Shipper shall not be required to pay, in addition to the applicable

Transmission Allowance, any future surcharges, fees, assessments or similar charges, except to the extent any such charges or amounts (i) are required to be

collected from all firm shippers by a governmental authority having jurisdiction and (ii) are not discountable. In any event, the Transmission Allowance in any

Month shall never be below Transporter's applicable minimum Tariff rate. In addition to applicable Transmission Allowance, Shipper to bear/pay applicable Fuel,

LUFG and EPC retentions and charges.


(3) Unless agreed otherwise, overrun quantities to be charged no less than the applicable maximum Tariff rate.


(4) Transporter agreed to construct certain delivery facilities and install additional mainline compression in order to be able to provide service. Service to

commence upon in-service date following completion of all such construction but no earlier than January 1, 2003.


(5) Standard Rate and Related Provisions for Non-Maximum Rate Agreements, shown in the REGT News section of REGT's Internet web site at, shall be applicable to this transaction except as otherwise provided.