Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2002, Docket: RP96-200-081, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 639 Second Revised Sheet No. 639 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 639



Contract Rate

Shipper Name Number Schedule Maximum Quantity Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) 3/ Rates 1/, 2/

------------ -------- -------- ----------------- --------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------------


Dynegy Marketing 3060 PHS (Wheeling) 50,000 Dth/D Perryville Hub Perryville Hub Delivery Points $0.015/Dth

And Trade Receipt Points



Shipper also has contracted for RS IT and RS PHS (PALS) discounted service.


Standard Rate and Related Provisions for Non-Maximum Rate Agreements, shown in the REGT News section of REGT's Internet web site "",

shall be applicable to transaction.


1/ Notwithstanding the level of utilization of services available, Shipper shall pay a Minimum Annual Billing Amount of no less than $105,000 (said amount prorated for

the final partial Year period hereunder equals $43,750). If, at the end of the first Year (and at the end of each subsequent Year, or partial Year) of service under

this Agreement, a minimum dollar deficiency, as calculated below, exists, then Transporter shall bill, and Shipper shall pay, an amount equal to the difference between

the Minimum Annual Billing Amount and the total amount paid by Shipper for services provided during the preceding Year or part thereof hereunder (including payments for

any authorized overrun services) plus payments made by Shipper during the same period for certain services provided under that certain Rate Schedule IT Transportation

Service Agreement (No. 1002907) and in accordance with its companion Rate Agreement, both of which are dated June 1, 2002. Payments made by Shipper related to

penalties, cash-outs, and other such add-ons shall not be credited against the Minimum Annual Billing Amount obligation.


2/ Unless otherwise agreed, rates applicable only to agreed-to points, quantities and periods. Shipper shall not pay at any time less than the minimum applicable rate.

Shipper waives any right to credits, refunds and/or other benefits which result in a lower rate or greater economic benefit than the contractual rates agreed to.