Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2001, Docket: RP01-502-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 614A Original Sheet No. 614A : Effective




Contract Rate

Shipper Name Number Schedule Contract Demand Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) 2/ 12/ Rate 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 11/ 12/

-------------- -------- -------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------------------- -----------------------------

Riceland Foods, 1000199 FT 4,900 Dth/D 8/ 1/ Shipper s Plant $.2618/Dth (through 3/31/02)

Inc. DRN No.'s 282256, 282255 $.2318/Dth (remainder of term)

HFT /13 300 Dth/D 14/ & 150982 $.2828/Dth (through 3/31/02)

$.2528/Dth (remainder of term)



12/ If Transporter cannot continue to recover, as part of FERC rate structure, all or part of certain costs associated with moving gas through Arkla to Shipper (and/or

other shippers with similar Delivery Points), Shipper then either shall pay for any such costs no longer recovered by Transporter or the Delivery Point shall

automatically be re-designated to the Arkla city gate point. Shipper and AGC agree to support continuation of recovery of such costs through rate structure and

Transporter agrees not to file to seek discontinuation of such treatment. If Shipper, AGC or any of its members initiate, directly or indirectly, or support, a FERC

proceeding or complaint to reduce Transporter's rates, Transporter then freed of foregoing commitments and, at its option, can require Delivery Point(s) be re-

designated to applicable Arkla city gate point. With respect to arrangement for such deliveries through Arkla, Shipper, AGC and its members shall oppose any challenges

to it; if a governmental agency with jurisdiction requires a transportation contract be entered into (except if Arkla files to impose or support such requirement) or

if, under any circumstances, Transporter precluded from continuing current transaction with Arkla pursuant to governmental regulations or orders or tariffs of

Transporter or Arkla, parties will take necessary steps to conform with any such requirements, including executing documents to immediately re-designate the Delivery

Point(s) to the applicable Arkla city gate.

13/ Pursuant to Section 15, GT&C of Tariff, Transporter providing limited waivers of advance and electronic contracting requirements to facilitate HFT transaction.

Shipper elected up-front uniform service period of December - February of each contract year through 2007.

14/ Cumulative Contract Demand for the Day; CD for each Hour of Day will be 1/24 of amount shown, rounded up or down to nearest whole number, as necessary to reach

cumulative daily quantity. HFT quantities accounted for as second through the meter after scheduled FT quantities. Shipper has right to permanently reduce its HFT

Contract Demand, in whole or in part, if it provides notice to Transporter by August 1 of the contract year.