Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP01-317-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 214 Original Sheet No. 214 : Effective






2.4 A Pool Manager with a Service Agreement pursuant to Rate

Schedule PHS may nominate receipts from Perryville Hub

Receipt Points for receipt and aggregation into any of

its Pools under its Rate Schedule PS (pooling) Service



2.5 Any parking or loaning transaction under this Rate

Schedule must utilize a Perryville Hub Receipt Point,

unless Transporter agrees otherwise. Shipper must make

any necessary arrangements with Transporter and/or third

parties to deliver Gas to the designated parking point(s)

or return point(s) for loaned Gas and/or to receive and

transport loaned Gas or parked Gas upon removal from the

point(s) at which the Gas is loaned or received for

parking. Transportation service is not provided under

the parking and loaning option of this Rate Schedule. If

Transporter loans Gas to a Shipper, or Shipper removes

parked Gas, which is nominated and scheduled to make up

an Imbalance consisting of Undersupplies under a Service

Agreement, then Transporter shall have the right to

charge (or if for a prior Month, send an adjusted

invoice) and Shipper shall pay, for deliveries under the

Service Agreement attributable to such supplies the

transportation rate(s) applicable to service from the

points at which such Gas was loaned and/or parked under

this Rate Schedule.


2.6 (a) With respect to the parking option under this Rate

Schedule, Shipper shall be obligated to remove its

parked quantities in accordance with the agreement

between Transporter and Shipper. Additionally,

Transporter may require Shipper to remove all or

any portion of its parked gas quantities upon

forty-eight (48) hours (or such longer period as

may be specified) notice to Shipper. If Shipper

fails to remove such quantities in accordance with

Transporter's notice, Transporter shall take title

to the gas quantities Shipper was instructed to

remove, free and clear of any adverse claims;

provided, however, that Transporter shall not take

title to such quantitites if, and for so long as,

Shipper nominated to remove such quantities in

accordance with its agreement with Transporter or

Transporter's notice, and Transporter was unable to

schedule and deliver such quantities in accordance

with such nomination.