Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP96-200-070, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 8C Third Revised Sheet No. 8C : Superseded

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 8C


Contract Reservation

Contract Rate Demand Charge

Shipper Name Number Schedule (Dth/Day) ($/Dth) Commodity Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s)

------------------- ---------- ---------- ----------- ------------- ---------------


Entergy Arkansas, Inc. 1002348 FT 75,000 $2.28 See (1) Below Amoco Red Oak Entergy @ Lake Catherine

(May 1, 2001 - Continental Choctaw Entergy @ Couch

October 31, 2001) Continental Panola Entergy @ Moses

50,000 Duke Blue Mtn. Reliant Energy Arkla @

(November 1, 2001 Duke Cyclone Mtn. Little Rock, AR (for

- April 30, 2002) Duke Pine Mtn. delivery to Mabelvale

ONG Latimer plant).

Oneok Potato Hill Reliant Energy Arkla @

Transok Latimer Little Rock, AR (for

Transok Limestone delivery to Lynch plant).

Transok Wilburton AC

Vastar Wilburton

UPRC Carthage

Valero Panola

Neutral Pooling Area Pools

South Pooling Area Pools

North Pooling Area

West 1 & West 2 Pooling Areas

(1) The Commodity Rate shall be:

(a) $0.01 per Dth for receipts from the specifically named physical receipt points listed above;

(b) $0.025 per Dth for receipts from Pools in the Neutral Pooling Area; (c) $0.035 per Dth for receipts from Pools in the South Pooling Area;

(d) $0.045 per Dth for receipts from the West 1 and West 2 Pooling Areas; and (e) $0.095 per Dth for receipts from the North Pooling Area.

(2) If Shipper releases capacity, it shall pay Transporter for any Commodity Rate charges (as stated above) not received by Transporter from the replacement Shipper.

(3) Eligible quantities for which the initial Receipt Point into Transporter's system cannot be determined shall be deemed to have been received at the point or from

the Pool which would be charged the highest rate under Paragraph (1) above.

(4) An additional $0.015 per Dth shall be added to the invoice for deliveries to the Reliant Energy Arkla (Lynch) Delivery Point as Shipper's agent to cover further

transportation costs to the plant.

(5) Transporter and Shipper intend that the minimum dollar amount collected for quantities transported under the contract which are eligible for the above specified

rates will be $0.085 per Dth. In order to achieve such amount, the Reservation Charge for any Month may be adjusted, based on eligible quantities transported for

such Month. If at the termination date of the TSA, a minimum dollar amount deficiency exists, Shipper shall pay a deficiency payment, the amount of which shall be

the difference between $ 1,423,750.00 and the dollar amount collected by Transporter attributable to eligible quantities transported to the Lake Catherine, Couch

and Reliant Energy Arkla (Lynch) Delivery Points.

(6) Authorized overrun quantities up to 25,000 Dth per Day (for the months May 1, 2001 through October 31, 2001) and up to 50,000 Dth per Day (for the months November

1, 2001 through April 30, 2002), received from and delivered to the above listed points, shall receive the above specified rates (converted to a 100% load factor

unit basis).

(7) Rate may default to maximum if Transporter is unable to collect Negotiated Rates for any reason during the term of the contract, and Shipper has termination right

in such event.

(8) Standard Rate and Related Provisions for Non-Maximum Rate Agreements, shown in the REGT News section of REGT's Internet web site "",

shall be applicable to this transaction.