Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

Fifth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP96-200-070, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 8Al Original Sheet No. 8Al : Superseded




Contract Rate Maximum Advance

Shipper Name Number Schedule Receipt Quantity* Receipt Point(s) Delivery Point(s) Rate

------------- --------- -------- ----------------- ----------------------- -------------------- ---------------

Reliant Energy 770 (Deal SBS 620,000 Dth Points located in REGT's Shipper's Pool in See Formula Below

Services, Inc. No. 916) (Advance Neutral Pooling Area from the Neutral Pooling

Receipts) which gas can be Area eligible to receive

received into Shipper's gas from the Advance

Pools established Receipt Account

in such Pooling Area


Formula Rates for Services up to Quantity limitations:


For each unit delivered out of Advance Receipt account, the applicable rate (Transporter may determine allocation between Daily Rate and Carryover Rate components as it

deems appropriate from time to time) shall be 80% of the following calculation:


Deduct from the Reliant Oklahoma North South Midpoint Price Survey Index, as published in Gas Daily for the applicable day of gas deliveries out of Advance Receipt

account (i) $5.03/dth and (ii) a charge of $0.025/dth per month (this amount assessed for each month in which unit booked in Advance Receipt account for at least one

Day). By mutual consent of both parties, the November 2001 NYMEX futures price (parties to mutually agree on date at which fix price or, if no agreement, use last day

closing price), less $0.07/dth, may be substituted for the Gas Daily Index Price referenced above.


In no case shall the rate to REGT be less than $0.00. The Rates specified herein will be available for the term stated but REGT cannot guarantee SBS capacity will be

available. SBS capacity will be allocated based on requests made from time to time and available capacity awarded in accordance with the REGT Tariff.


The services provided will be pursuant to the applicable interruptible rate schedule. Shipper shall submit nominations by Deal Number (referenced above). Shipper

shall provide and pay Compressor Fuel and/or Storage Fuel allowances and charges as required by REGT s Tariff. In addition to the above amounts, Shipper shall pay any

applicable Tariff penalties, charges, fees, or assessments. Notwithstanding the provisions herein, GRI, ACA, GT&C Section 13.4, Order No. 528 and Order No. 636

transition cost surcharges shall not be used to charge an amount exceeding the contractual rates above. Shipper shall not pay less at any time, than the minimum

applicable Tariff rate. REGT may retain any refunds, credits and/or benefits which would result in a greater discount or economic benefit, on average over the term

of Shipper's SA, than the contractual rates agreed to herein. The contractual rates herein apply only to the services described above including, without limitation,

the points, quantities, and dates stated above.


* Receipts of up to 20,000 Dth/Day during May 2001; subsequent deliveries out of Advance Receipt account up to 20,667 Dth/Day. Unless shorter period specified, each

unit to be delivered no more than 30 days from date such unit received in advance (parked) unless REGT agrees to extensions. To qualify for rate, Shipper must arrange

to take back all quantities by November 30, 2001.